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Responsible Gaming 18+

Online Gaming is good entertainment, but it can also be addictive and cause problems. However, online casinos offers a wide range of tools that can help you prevent developing gambling problems. Learn how responsible gaming may help you create a safe gaming environment. 

There are also online casinos, that does not do things by the book. By avoiding these casinos, you can get a better gaming experience in a safe gaming environment.

Age Restrictions

Casino gaming and online betting are strictly prohibited for persons under 18. The user is solely responsible to comply with the minimum legal age, stipulated in the jurisdiction of the user’s residence under the laws applicable to the user.

Responsible Gaming

Online gambling can be addictive, and it is strongly adviced that you use the tools offered by online casinos to prevent developing gambling problems. The online casinos recommended on this website offers gaming limits and other tools to prevent gambling problems.

Gaming limits

Gaming limits are an effective tool that can prevent the development of gambling problems. The gaming limits can also make sure that you do not spend too much money or time at the online casino. We strongly recommend applying one or more gaming limit once you have registered at a new online casino.

Most gaming limits will be effectuated immediately once applied. It is also important to remember that once the limit is set, a 7-day cooling off period will apply if you would like to raise the limit. When lowering an existing limit, this will apply immediately.

Deposit Limit

The most used gaming limit is the deposit limit. This limit can be applied for a period and amount of money of your own choice. The deposit limit is an effective tool to prevent spending more money on the casino than you can afford.

Time Limit

A time limit will pervent you from logging in to the casino, once you have spent the available time applicable for a set period of time. 

Wager Limit

The wager limit is similar to the deposit limit, but there are some differences. This limit only applies for wagering. Once you have wagered the allowed amount the limit will prevent you from any wagering until a new period starts.

Loss Limit

The loss limit takes the net loss into account. Some players find this limit confusing due to the net loss. Due to this, we have made a practical example:

If you have a €50 loss limit and win €100 you will add a €100 surplus to your loss limit.

Due to this the limit will not prevent you from more gaming until you have lost your €100 win and the €50 initial loss limit in our example.

Take a Break

If you suspect that you have gambling problems, or are experiencing other problems, it is strongly advised to take a break from online gaming. Online gaming is only entertainment and not something to be used for escaping problems or difficulties. It is possible to take a break for a shorter period of time, but it is also possible to close your player account permanent.

When you close you account temporarily, it will remain closed for a period of your own choice.

A permanent close, is often not a permanent closure of the account. Some online casinos allow you to re-open your account. To do so, you will often have to verify your account and formally state that you do not have any problems related to online gaming.

Get Help

If you suspect that you or anyone you know are experiencing problems related to gaming, it is strongly advised to get professional help. There are several organisations that focus on responsible gaming and gambling problems. These organisations can provide the assistance you need, or give further advise on how to proceed when you are experiencing gambling problems.

Gambling Licences

Responsible gaming is not only about gaming limits and addiction. Responsible gaming is also about avoiding online fraud. There are several different regulators. These organisations ensure that the licenced casinos are safe and fair. They also often act as a middleman if there are any disputes between the player and the casino.


Malta Gaming Authorities, or MGA for short, was established in 2001. MGA regulates most of the casinos and game providers located in Malta and ensures fairness and transparency for the users of the gaming services. It also works against money laundering, crime, and corruption. MGA also protect minors and vulnerable players.


In 2007 the Gambling Commision was formed and is responsible for regulating the gaming operators in the UK. It shares many of the same goals as MGA, and the licences from both these regulatory bodies are seen as the most important licences. They are both a sign of high quality.

Curaçao eGaming 

Curaçao eGaming is one of the oldest regulators of online gaming. The regulator was established in 1996. The licenceis common and issued to both software providers, online gaming sites, and service providers. The regulator also aim to prevent fraud. 


The Swedish Lotteriinspektionen was founded in 1995. Lotteriinspektionen does not issue any licences for online gaming companies. However, this is soon set to change. As of 2019, Lotteriinspektionen will issue licences for companies providing online gaming services to Swedish players.


Spillemyndigheden is the Danish gaming regulator. The gaming regulator issues licences to companies providing online gaming services to Danish players. By being established in 2012, Spillemyndigheden is one of the youngest regulators.